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First steps with Quod.X®

You have chosen a reflection project on with our reflection tool Quod.X®. Thank you for your trust!

You can be sure

  • that the time invested in it will be worthwhile for you and

  • that we will handle your data with utmost care and respect.

Nobody can see your personal reflections – not even our system administrators.

You can find the complete operating instructions as a PDF file HERE or click on the icon 

In this file you will learn,

  • how to individualize your personal reflection portal and put it into operation,
  • how to conduct your first site assessment
  • what the feedback modules are all about,
  • how your self-reflection becomes a source for concrete improvement projects,
  • what practical benefits the initial application will already have for you, and
  • how to integrate Quod.X® self-reflection into your personal daily work routine.