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Frequently asked questions

Our perception is very subjective and strongly colored by our personality, habits and attitudes. Some things magically attract us, others are all too often overlooked and lead to the well-known phenomenon that we no longer see the forest for the trees. From the many impressions of a working day, we unconsciously filter out exactly those episodes that confirm us and all too often overlook the quite obvious. If we are not careful, we run in circles and create unnecessary additional work. Our productivity decreases, successes fail to materialize, work becomes a burden.

The systemic SW application Quod.X® makes these correlations visible and gives suggestions on how we as individuals, teams and organizations can break out of this cycle and remain efficient and vital.

Our clients achieve the best results when they take half an hour for an initial inventory at the beginning of their work with Quod.X®:

  • What is most on my mind right now?
  • What am I concerned about?
  • How satisfied am I with it?
  • Which of my tasks does it concern?


In this way, we generate orientation about focus of attention, effective values and satisfaction in the shortest possible time – regardless of the number of people involved: Each user receives personal feedback discreetly and only visible to him or her. In addition – depending on the service package – evaluations are available for teams and the entire organization.

This intuitive and radically subjective approach has a clarifying and focusing effect that our customers use to their advantage without much effort:

  • Burdensome and inspiring issues are made conscious
    Attitudes become visible and can – if desired – be changed.
  • Orientation and a common understanding of priorities emerge.
  • Without much effort, this creates the impetus for a multitude of small and large changes that are possible right NOW.


We make corporate culture visible.

The systemic SW application Quod.X® was developed out of a respectful, discrete and holistic basic attitude. The privacy of our users is a matter of course for us. We distinguish between two categories:


1. anonymity and entries
Our users reflect on very specific events from their personal everyday working lives. In doing so, they disclose what is important to them personally and how they feel about it. To create a protected environment for this radically subjective part of self-reflection, we have programmed our app in such a way that no one but themselves can view these entries. Not even our system administrators have access to them.


2. anonymity and feedback
The systemic SW application Quod.X® offers real-time feedback on all evaluation levels. For us, it goes without saying that personal feedback is only available to the person concerned. Even the feedback generated for our users cannot be viewed by anyone but them. Not even our system administrators have access to it.
If our users want to discuss individual feedback modules or the entire feedback with a person they trust – for example, as part of a one-on-one coaching session – they must take action themselves and pass on the relevant feedback, e.g. by creating a screenshot.
Even when creating feedback for teams and organizations, the personal reflection entries of our users are protected to the maximum. The algorithms on which the application is based only evaluate accumulated data that cannot be traced back to the individual.
To support their leadership work, access to Feedbacks for Teams and Organizations is automatically activated for the respective leader. This person has the option of enabling this access for other persons – e.g. team members or their own manager.

3. anonymity and idea management
Reflection and feedbacks create an environment that is highly conducive to creativity. Newly emerging ideas can be recorded when creating a reflection entry, when editing a feedback module or – completely independent of the reflection process – in the idea management section.
Even the ideas recorded by our users – unless they are explicitly entered in the team and organization versions as an idea for the team or the overall organization – cannot be viewed by anyone other than themselves. Not even our system administrators have access to them.
If our users formulate ideas explicitly for their team or the overall organization, the manager concerned receives a note and assumes responsibility for further processing. They can change the processing status of the idea and assign tasks derived from it to team members. 


The systemic SW application Quod.X® supports individuals, teams and organizations in the further development of personal competencies and the optimization of collaboration. It is precisely the combination of simultaneously discrete personal feedback and a sober look at strengths and weaknesses in collaboration that creates understanding for upcoming challenges and access to enormous potential for improvement.

We currently offer Quod.X® for two areas of application:

  • Leadership development for individuals, leadership teams and leadership culture.
  • Team and organizational development

All application variants contain standard catalogs for the respective form of application, which can be selected and also adapted on an organization-specific basis.

What do we value in our management culture? What processes do we use to deliver our performance? How are we organized?

The systemic SW application Quod.X® offers maximum flexibility here, taking into account the specifics of each user group – from the application as an individual to the entire organization.

The willingness to seriously address daily challenges varies from person to person. In every organization, there are more committed and less committed people … and there are people who “don’t like to be shown the cards”, e.g. because of negative experiences.

So how can we get people to participate?

Trust grows through responsible leadership. The systemic SW application Quod.X® continuously provides helpful hints for the priorities now perceived by the people involved. Giving a fair answer to this in a timely manner (even if it is “no”) is the best way to gain this trust. Leaders need to know what to give an answer to, they need to do it … and they must have the patience to build that climate of trust.

The answer is quite simple: as honestly as they are willing to be. Topics they don’t want to address are not addressed. This creates “blind spots,” leaves gaps in the in-depth evaluations, and comes to light via the feedback “Something may be overlooked here.”

Even deliberately “misleading” entries become visible in the evaluations. Try not to think of a white elephant. See? You can’t. In the same way, you cannot think about a situation that has nothing to do with your concrete situation.

And again, trust comes from reliability. As a manager, take your role responsibly. The systemic SW application Quod.X® makes it easy for you to recognize what is particularly moving your team at that moment. Take this seriously and you will gain the trust of your team. 

The systemic SW application Quod.X® is an instrument from practice for practice. Its performance is based on hundreds of test applications and discussions with experts from various scientific disciplines as well as personalities from the business world.

The basic model has been continuously expanded over the years on the basis of customer feedback from a wide variety of leadership, team and organizational development projects. The value model on which the method is based has been scientifically validated and has proven itself in practice for years.

We offer a fully functional free freeware version with reduced feedback-features. Via the link you can register and easily test the functionality of the app for yourself, advanced features are available in the paid single-user, team and organization versions. Easy-to-follow tutorial videos are available for all of these versions, allowing you to set up and customize the software for your needs completely on your own.

In addition, you can book personal support in a two-hour introductory workshop and a companion package with 10 hours of personal implementation support, if needed.

You are not sure whether your requirements can be mapped by the present software version? Please contact us. We are continuously developing our offer together with our customers.

The systemic SW application Quod.X® offers you maximum degrees of freedom in the independent implementation of projects of executive, team and organizational development. With the use of this method you receive the neutral “view from the outside” virtually free of charge.

This in no way precludes you from seeking selective support for very specific concerns: From an existing consulting/training/coaching provider of your choice or gladly from our network.

In this case, the systemic SW application Quod.X® offers the advantage that you can

  • have access to an exact, data-based representation of the initial situation when commissioning your provider,
  • define the goal of the measure to be implemented more precisely and
  • continuously track the success of the measure to be implemented on the basis of ongoing evaluation reports.