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Quod.X is a scientifically validated tool that captures the smaller and larger “disruptive factors” of our everyday routines and condenses them into a transparent overall picture.


Quod.X enables systemic reflection as self-reflection for leaders, team-reflection for individual teams, or organizational reflection for entire organizations or multiple teams.

Self-reflection allows you to look back so that the view forward becomes even clearer.

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Self-reflection for


In short sequences of self-reflection, conspicuousness is localized and spontaneously evaluated according to radically subjective judgment.

  • What am I concerned with?
  • How satisfied am I with it?
  • What does this experience refer to?

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Maximum customizability

Our tools are preconfigured with standardized process or aspect maps in the various forms of use. Each of these maps can be customized to the maximum in our premium applications.

No matter whether you want to take stock of a challenging phase in your life, improve your leadership behavior, or whether you want to set off into a new era with your team or your entire organization. Quod.X® always fits seamlessly into your specific situation.

You have maximum degrees of freedom in designing your personal reflection project, in mapping the task areas of your team or the processes of your organization.

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Multi snapshots holistic,

These multi-moment recordings provide a clear picture of the current focus of attention, satisfaction and underlying values.

Real-time evaluations are exclusively available to the user himself or herself. Cumulative evaluations for teams and organizations make visible what is unspoken in the room.

Feedback is provided at all evaluation levels to stimulate the development of suggestions for improvement at all levels.

This creates a sustainable basis for lasting change: Holistic, respectful, discreet.

Self-reflection – a moment of silence. Take a deep breath and notice what influences your actions, thoughts and feelings: what really moves them: without judgment or justification.

Recognize patterns and discover solutions that suit you.

Neuroscience shows that reflective people feel less stress, make better decisions, and lead more productive, fulfilling lives. They have more options for action and access to their personal resources.

For executives and leader personalities at all levels, this is a tremendous benefit.


Understanding yourself and others better doesn’t mean agreeing with absolutely everything – but it does help you appear more confident.


The jumble of problems and uncertainties gets a structure. Important things can be better distinguished from less important ones – this provides breathing space.


Good decisions take into account the “human factor“. This quickly becomes noticeable in the team and in the organization: Trust and openness develop… and the willingness to go the extra mile if necessary.

Involve your team members in a joint reflection project. Adapt the process maps provided to your specific processes and rely on the potential of your team! 

Make the focus of attention, the satisfaction and the value attitudes existing in the team visible. In this way, you build mutual understanding with little effort and recognize how you can best support your team. 

Discretion and anonymity throughout are a matter of course for us. 


Good collaboration comes from clear goals, trust and openness. The team evaluations provided will show you where to start. 


We’ve always done it that way” … you’ll hear that much less often. Because nothing counters the daily grind more than looking at the big picture with a little distance. This creates access to the creative potential of the team and the ideas will sprout. 


The half-empty glass or the half-full glass: Train your team in process and solution orientation … quite incidentally. And soon problems become opportunities that you want to use together. 

The reflected organization. A living organism in which things run smoothly instead of roundly.

Look at the whole system of your organization and see how top management, departments and teams find an appropriate harmony. Insignificant things become less and less important.


From the ideas of employees, opportunities for improvement are identified and implemented. This results in a positive dynamic of commitment and motivation.


Real-time evaluations for the entire organization enable you to proactively manage your business. Act before unfavorable developments are reflected in the operating result, in tedious conflicts or undesired fluctuation.


Coordination in day-to-day business becomes more level-headed and builds on mutual understanding. This frees the mind for creative solutions that support you in being successful in your markets.

Initial feedbacks

That's what QuodX® stands for:


Put an end to rumors and insinuations. Simply turn opinions, fantasies and sensitivities into facts. Recognize the obvious and act accordingly!


The Quod.X® method has been scientifically validated at FHAM Erding (D). The results have high accuracy, general validity and practical relevance.

Areas of application

Self-reflection for managers – team development – idea management. Giving voice and qualified feedback to those involved is your key to success.

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