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Consider the viewer Self-reflection for executives

Self-reflection – a moment of silence. Take a deep breath and perceive what influences your actions, thoughts and feelings. What really moves you: without judgment or justification.

Recognize patterns and discover solutions that suit you.

Self-reflection means becoming aware of one’s own thoughts, feelings and actions. Often, this also involves checking the extent to which goals set in an area of life or responsibility are consistent and have already been achieved. 

Since time immemorial, people have reflected in different ways:

  • orally or mentally (self-dialogue, storytelling)
  • in writing (diaries, journals, notebooks)
  • artistically (creative self-expression)
  • meditative (text-, object-, silence meditation)


Some follow structures or concepts described in books, others reflect completely without a system. All these methods have one thing in common: they create depth and have an immensely invigorating effect.

Higher self-efficacy through systemic reflection process

For you as a manager, it is advantageous to locate your personal reflection as close as possible to your day-to-day business. This way, you can derive the most effective measures from it. 

The systemic and scientifically validated Quod.X® reflection tool offers you exactly that: Your strengths and potentials become visible. You recognize what is really important to you, what you pay (too) much attention to, and what you may be overlooking. Short daily reflection moments help you to adjust your thinking, feeling and acting in a goal-oriented way. 


Reflect for a few minutes each day on what was important to you today. Predefined process maps will guide you through your reflection process. This creates clarity. 


Derive concrete ideas from your reflection that you also implement – define new goals. Real-time feedback on your entries based on complex algorithms gives you concrete ideas. 


Implement your ideas – for yourself or in collaboration with your team. Observe the implementation success … and how you gradually gain more insight and room for maneuver in complex situations.

As you continue your reflection process continuously and circularly, you have feedback built into the process. Not only do you keep reflecting on new thoughts, feelings and actions, but also on the results of the most recently implemented actions.

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